“[Typography] was one of the best studio courses I’ve taken at Stamps, and I gained so many valuable skills.”

student feedback, Fall 2015

ARTDES 210: Typography

Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design
University of Michigan
Fall 2015

This first gallery features the work of second-year students. This was the final unit of the class, an exercise intended to exhibit cumulative mastery of the previous three units: typographic form and structure; hierarchy, composition, and grid systems; and display type and text type relationships.

Assignment: Create a poster for the University Musical Society that expresses the character of the company/music/event featured and establishes a visual ‘look’ that will be built upon to relate to other printed materials for the event: a handbill and program. Using letterforms as the basis of imagery, create a compelling composition that demonstrates the character of the subject of the poster in a lively, inviting way.

from left to right: Alexandria Valdes, Andrea Levy, Heidi Liu

from left to right: Stephanie Lee, Shelby Meyer

from left to right: Hannah Gordon, Lilly Lee, Sanjana Pandit

from left to right: Ellen High, Michelle Peng, Sydney Shaffer

from left to right: Larkin Meehan, Sara Ciaramella

“I have actually learned a lot more than I was expecting to, and feel that I am walking away with a skill that will actually be useful.… I am glad I took this course.”

student feedback, Spring 2015

ARTDES 211: Sign + Symbol

Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design
University of Michigan
Winter 2015

In this introduction to visual communication, students engage in the discovery of how to see; how to think critically; how to visualize; and how to create appropriate visual vocabularies. The objective is to develop a solid understanding of non-verbal communication through exercises in visual translation, i.e. communicating via signs and symbols.

Assignment: Travel Poster. In a 16" x 20" poster format, design a travel poster without words. Incorporate as much information as possible. Should communicate where, attractions, atmosphere, etc. Compositions are limited to three flat colors and must include 3–4 signs (icon/index/symbol).

from left to right, top to bottom: Gemma Lazenby, London; Mona McKinstry, Chile; Celine (Yin Zhi) Wang, Prague; Eva Cohen, Washington, D.C.; Brooke Alpart, Jerusalem; Emma Benzie, Florence

Assignment: Historic Event. Choose an historic event, and in a 16" x 20" poster format, communicate as much as possible about that eventwhere, what, significance, etc. You may incorporate the date as a design element, if you so choose.

from left to right: Dylan Bailhe, First Moon Landing; Alana Rhodin, Boston Tea Party; Jane Wiley, Invention of the Daguerreotype